Frequently asked questions

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Polygon asset is a large community of game developers and cgi artists who try to help game developers to make their dream games Easier, faster and qualified by providing the valuable assets.

Developing a game is time consuming and costly. It is not affordable for independent game developers and small studios to make all the components of the game themselves. We make it easy for them by providing pre made valuable assets such as user interfaces, characters, environments, tools, visual effects, mechanics, animations and source codes.

Polygon Asset accept cryptocurrencies as payment method.

We accept popular crypto coins and stable coins.

First of all, if you have an account please login to it otherwise make an account then login, find your asset by searching the name of the asset or find it through categories and add it to card then go to shopping basket and select "checkout" button, in the opening page if you have discount coupon apply your coupon then accept terms and conditions and select “place order” button. Crypto payment gate page will be open, in this page you can enter your email address to receive payment confirmation email include payment id, then select “proceed to payment” button. In the new page scan QR code by use of wallet QRcode reader to perform payment process automatically.

Yes, it is just one-time payment.

By joining our social networks, you can access discount coupons.

No, updates versions are free.

Login to your account and head to download section and select the asset which you want to get latest update version of it.

Select "shopping basket" button, then select "View card" button, in opening page select "Remove" button left side of asset image.

No, you can not.

Immediately after performing payment, you will receive an email consist of billing detail and asset download link. Also you can access download link from your account dashboard.

Yes, you can.

No, you can just use it into personal or commercial projects.

All Asset Store invoices are sent to the email address attached to the Polygon Asset Store account that purchased the asset automatically. You can retrieve the invoice(s) from this email account.

One way is to use a wallet which minimum withdrawal amount is less than the price of the product.

Another way is to buy two or more products together.

You can find it in your wallet documentations or contact to your wallet customer support services.

No, customer support service is totally free.

You can contact us through contact us page or sending your questions to polygon asset official email address

To making a high quality support services to our real customers who purchased our products.

When you purchased an asset, we will send you the confirmation email consist of asset detail you have purchased and invoice id. Also you can retrieve it from orders section of your account dashboard.

You can retrieve the details of product from additional information tab of product page.

After logged into your account, you can modify your profile information in "Account Detail" section.

After logged into your account, you can change your password in "Account Detail" section.

In the login page, select “forgot password?”, then in the opening page enter your registered email address then select “Reset Password” button. We will send you an email consist of a link for resetting password.